Beginning in 1994, what would become PayneOakland Corporation initially provided treasury advisory services to primarily European financial institutions.  The company developed an expertise in operations linked to commercial and residential real estate finance, and in particular asset-backed securitization.


PayneOakland, with its heaquarters in St. Paul and offices in Brussels and Berlin,  has since focused on structuring financial solutions and creating investment opportunities for institutional and corporate investors worldwide.  Increasingly, real estate investment and development as well as renewable energy and corporate finance can be identified as PayneOakland main operational areas.  Complimenting this activity are its current projects in sports infrastructure and hospitality in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. It is PayneOakland’s holistic approach to business propositions that makes this diversity of activity understandable, plausible and ultimately successful.

The PayneOakland group is active in initiating, implementing and executing public and private financing transactions in international markets by leveraging its expertise in real estate services, renewable energy, structured finance and corporate finance.