Dean Johnson

President and CEO
Financial Engineering & Development and Investments

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1958, Mr. Johnson has been working and living in Europe for the past 34 years after completed his undergraduate studies at Hamline University and his post-graduate studies at the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt in Bochum, Germany, as a Fulbright/DAAD scholar.

He started his professional career with Commerzbank in Frankfurt as a member of the capital markets syndicate desk and expanded his scope of activity to include structured finance and origination.  While at Chase Bank AG he was a Vice President of Deutsche Mark Capital Markets and later in Corporate Finance responsible for the media and communications industry in Germany before moving to Trinkaus & Burkhardt KGaA (an HSBC subsidiary) to focus on cross-border structured finance and capital market transactions.  

Since 1994, Mr. Johnson has been based in Belgium where he initially provided treasury advisory services to primarily European financial institutions as well structured and corporate finance transactions. The company developed an expertise in operations linked to commercial and residential real estate finance, and in particular asset-backed securitization.  Dean Johnson, together with First Chicago, successfully structured and placed the first mortgage-linked securitization transaction in Belgium.  
PayneOakland has since focused on structuring financial solutions and creating investment opportunities for institutional and corporate investors worldwide.  Increasingly, real estate investment and development as well as renewable energy and corporate finance can be identified as PayneOakland’s main operational areas.  Since 2000, the company has structured long-term financing of municipal projects like the Civic Center in Oostende, executed and advised on large real estate projects Spain, Germany, the United States and Belgium, and financed companies in the field information technology, communications, retail, etc.   Complimenting this activity are its current projects in sports infrastructure and hospitality in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. It is PayneOakland’s holistic approach to business propositions that makes this diversity of activity understandable, plausible and ultimately successful.