Corporate Finance

PayneOakland offers custom-tailored strategic advice and services to clients operating internationally in various industry sectors. We assist companies in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and restructuring as well as in strategic development and investment.


The Principal Finance group identifies sources of capital (debt and equity) and acquires equity financing from institutional and private investors for small- and middle-market companies in EMEA and the United States.

PayneOakland offers its clients financial solutions by working with them to define their financing needs and determine which type of financing will best meet those needs. We are able to raise funds for all stages of capital needs, including seed financing, start-up financing, first-stage financing (first-round), and expansion-stage financing (second- and third-round).

PayneOakland's objective is to help our clients maximize their profitability and to assist investors achieve optimal return on invested capital. Areas of concentration include the information and green technology, agribusiness, sports and leisure industries.


PayneOakland provides comprehensive advisory services to small- and medium-sized enterprises in select sectors where it has strong market knowledge and expertise.

PayneOakland will work with clients to identify the course of action which bests enhances their company's performance and/or business capabilities.

Our advisory services include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing cross-border relationships
  • Developing viable financial and managerial structures of technology portfolios for US investment entities
  • Service and product promotion, sales and marketing in the European and US markets
  • Analyzing and advising on turnaround and growth strategies
  • Financial structuring and restructuring
  • Preparing business plans, term sheets and related offering material
  • Mergers and acquisitions (including LBOs, spin-offs, divestitures)

  • PaynOaklnad can parrticipate alongside the client company in presentations and negotiations.


    As part of its strategy in corporate financing, PayneOakland has also taken participations in industries related to its core business.