Hospitality & Leisure

PayneOakland offers a wealth of knowledge in the hospitality sector providing advisory services in concept, project development and management and financial and investment expertise in structuring real estate deals. Its experience in the tourism and leisure sector extends to a rich network of well-known hotel operators, private investors, financial institutions, and distinguished architects.

PayneOakland acts in four capacities: advisor, developer, project manager and financial arranger. Within the tourism and leisure sector, we are primarily focused on luxury hotels and resorts in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

PayneOakland also establishes joint venture relationships with equity partners. Each joint venture is uniquely designed to suit the individual investor's risk profile while maximizing the return on investment potential.


Our twenty-plus years experience in the hospitality sector has enabled us to provide reliable strategic advice to clients in all parts of the world. Our advisory services focus on three important areas:

  • Developing project concept in accordance with client expectations and project specifications
  • Advising on project financial and market feasibility
  • Assisting in identifying key professional partners for the investment, architectural, construction and operational aspects of the project

  • Through our in-depth knowledge of the hospitality sector, we are able to provide highly professional and objective advice to best address and respond to the needs of our clients. Additionally, PayneOakland has access to an international network of experts focused in the hospitality sector, encompassing the development, operational and financing aspects.


    Our multi-disciplinary team enables us to offer comprehensive services which cover the full spectrum of real estate development, investment and finance within the hospitality sector. PayneOakland will identify development opportunities and typically partner with an equity investor through a joint venture structure. PayneOakland remains responsible for the overall development of the project.

    PayneOakland's ability to bring to the market superior hotel and resort destinations is based on our in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry, our extensive and rich network of operators, designers, and architects, our extensive skill set and most importantly, our passion to the project.