Real Estate

PayneOakland, in conjunction with affiliates and partners, identifies quality real estate investment, finance and development opportunities throughout Europe ,the Americas and Africa. Capitalizing on our expertise and partnerships, we are able to efficiently and creatively structure property investments by matching debt and equity sources to best meet the financing needs of the investors and of the project.

Our three business sectors include Structured Finance, Investment and Development.

Real estate assets include:

  • Hotels
  • Retail Centers
  • Offices
  • Mixed-Use
  • Car Parks
  • Logistics

PayneOakland has provided advisory and product analysis for hotel, parking and office developments in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Angola as well as in Brazil, Costa Rica and the United States.


Payne Oakland assists private and public institutions structure transactions to optimize their financial position through the use of financial instruments such as securitization and inflation-linked finance. We also assist with direct and indirect investment vehicles and structures.

  • Securitization
    PayneOaklnad advises potential issuers on securitization as an effective treasury management tool. Securitization provides the sellers and borrowers with alternative sources of financing by monetizing predictable cash flows. We assist clients to determine whether securitization is an appropriate tool for them, provide analysis and structuring of cash flows, and select the most suitable securitization structure.
  • Inflation-Linked Finance
    WingField acts in advisory capacity to European public sector entities using inflation-linked structures to improve respective debt positions. The inflation-linked finance applications are utilized in connection with long-term real estate projects and leasing structures.


Our working knowledge of the various facets of real estate investments enables us to provide our clients with attractive opportunities. Once an appropriate opportunity has been identified and evaluated, we can assist clients with the acquisition of the property, whether existing or new, and with the structuring of the most suitable financial package.

As investment specialists, we offer our clients assistance with:
  • Financial and market analysis
  • Identifying and contacting equity partners
  • Negotiating and structuring the transaction
  • Arranging financing
  • Term sheet preparation
  • Executing the transaction

PayneOakland also collaborates with various private, corporate and institutional investors to create European commercial property portfolios. PayneOakland co-invests in various real estate transactions and developments.