Renewable Energy

PaynOakland's commitment to the renewable energy sector is currently focused primarily in financing and developing projects in emerging markets.

Despite challenging global economic conditions since 2008 as well as the highly competitive renewable energy sector, PayneOakland remains confident in the pipeline of projects identified as commercially viable as well as being sustainable in the mid to long term future.


We are committed to increasing our newly founded renewable energy portfolio of projects and are currently engaged at different stages in projects covering Latin America and the Caribbean, Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East.

There are projects being reviewed in Sub Saharan Africa as we are also committed in increasing our exposure to the African Continent alongside our real estate and hospitality interests located there.

Our current emphasis is on the solar energy power generation via irradiation from the Photo-Voltaic or CIS panels, as well as debt financing equipment purchasing and the sale of energy created from renewable energy projects by individuals as well as small to medium sized businesses (SME's) where the agreement with the relevant National Grids are in place.

The output capacity for the solar energy projects currently pursued vary from 1MW to 250 MW .


PayneOaklnad's positions vary from being the owner and/or Principal Equity investor to Co-financing renewable energy projects alongside other private investors and international public investment institutions.

The size of investments is not subject to rigid guidelines however. It tends to be anywhere from 10 - 300+ Million Euros depending on the size of the projects.  Our main aim is the creation of mid to long term sustainable, stable cash-flowing assets across the emerging markets.

We have a growing exposure to wind energy and biomass and pursue these on an opportunistic basis.


Our primary locations are currently in the Middle East, Caribbean and Latin America.
Our secondary locations are currently in West and Sub Saharan Africa.
In addition to these locations, PayneOakland is open to reviewing viable projects in mature markets offering stable mid to long term cash flow gereration.